Wedding Shuttle Buses

Leave the logistics to us. We specialize in efficient and comfortable group transportation for weddings, ensuring your guests arrive relaxed and ready to celebrate.

Do you only shuttle from ceremony to reception?

No, we do more than just shuttle from the ceremony to the reception.

We can also help with:

  • Hotels to ceremony/reception venue
  • On-site parking at the reception area
  • Off-site parking lot to reception area
  • Pre-wedding shuttles (for events like rehearsal dinners)
  • Transportation within a venue (for large venues with dispersed locations)
Can we play our own music?

You sure can.

We have Bluetooth speaker systems built-in. Just bring your favorite playlists (and your dancing shoes).

Do your shuttles have AC and bathrooms?

All our shuttles are air-conditioned, which comes in handy for those hot Gulf Coast summers.

There are no bathrooms onboard.

Can we decorate the bus?

Of course. Let your creativity flow. Decorate our shuttles to match your wedding theme.

Just remember:

Use removable decorations that won't leave a trace (think streamers, balloons, and cute signs). We'll provide a clean slate, and you bring the celebratory spirit.

And if you could help us tidy things up after the last dance, we'd appreciate it.

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Shuttle Buses

Wedding Shuttles

Time to Get Hitched

Ditch the spreadsheets, ditch the stress. We’ll handle your wedding guest transportation so you can focus on the “I do’s” and dance moves.

Our comfy shuttles get your loved ones safely to the venue, ready to celebrate your happily ever after.

We’ve helped countless couples have a seamless wedding day — so let’s make yours one to remember.

Shuttle Buses

Meet the Fleet

Choose from our fleet of 9 shuttle buses, custom-tailored for an elite group experience.

  • Up to 14 passengers (per vehicle)
  • Standing room comfort
  • Space for luggage
  • Super-cleaned daily
  • Chilly air-conditoning
  • Group discount rates

Want More?

Explore all our group services — we offer discounted group rates and accept all major credit cards.

Party Buses

Celebrate the night with up to 14 friends — Fun is just a bus ride away.